Friday, April 02, 2010

things to not do at your DUI arrest

I had jury duty yesterday and today. A young woman was charged with Driving Under the Influence.

Based on the testimony we heard in court and the video of her arrest we watched, here are my observations on what does not work well if you've been pulled over by the police:

If the cop asks you to recite the alphabet, do not ask to use the Russian alphabet.

If he asks when you last ate, do not say "two days ago".

If he asks what you ate at that time, do not say "nothing".

Then, don't volunteer, "That's why I get drunk so fast!"

If you ask the officer a question and he says he doesn't know the answer, don't keep repeating the same question.

And at your trial, don't laugh when this video is replayed.

Her defense attorney didn't have much to work with. He did all he could to suggest the Field Sobriety Test had been less than perfectly administered. But that wasn't a deal killer. It did not create "reasonable doubt" that she had been driving while intoxicated which, after seeing all the evidence, we decided she had been.

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