Thursday, December 10, 2009

obama's bad decisions

Whatever awful decisions President Obama makes during his term in office I at least have confidence that they aren't because he's trying to prove he's the...

roughest, toughest,

mesquite cuttin'est,

Major League Baseball team owningest (<2%),

imaginary WMD huntingest,

petty dictator (who just happens to have lots of oil) gittin'est,

had *no* idea his father's friend got him out of Vietnamiest,

can't explain why he didn't show up for Air Guard Training-est,

meanest, eat with the troops some army beans-est,

gonna show 'em I'm bigger than my daddy-est,

...manliest jumpsuit-wearer that ever claimed to be "a war President!"*

In other words, Obama's not operating on right-wing fantasies, focus-group tested for maximum trailer park appeal.

Being wiser than George W. Bush is setting the bar pretty low, but it's a much needed step in the right direction.

I'm glad Obama won and McCain didn't.

I'm glad Sarah Palin isn't attending Cabinet meetings today. I'm glad we have a President who's going to honor the agreement to get out of Iraq instead of dreaming up phony reasons to stay. I'm glad he wants to get out of Afghanistan in three years instead of ten. I hope he actually does.

I'm glad he didn't just let the US auto industry collapse, even though some free-market pundits, who couldn't make a car if you gave them a Revell Model kit for it, wrote an op-ed that that would be a normal thing to do.

I'm not going to blame Obama for inaction caused by right-wing obstruction. I'm not going to hold him to campaign promises he never made (eliminating the National debt? In ten months? After George Bush spent 8 years doubling it?)

I will blame him for continuing affirmative action for rich bankers. Possibly it's true that it had to be done, but I don't like it.

It's a right-wing fantasy that Obama is now a disgrace or a failure. They hope and pray for it like they hoped and dreamed of WMDs in Iraq. Their chronic, colossal mistakenness about everything is impossible for them to swallow. Easier to keep living in fantasy.

Pretty much the same right-wing fantasies that have been misguiding and ruining this country for the last 30 years.

* Update: Commenter John offers bonus alternate ending below.


John said...

Somehow I thought the first part was going to end with "north, south, east AAAAAAND west of the Pecos!"

Robert said...

That would have been superior. Shoulda run it by you first!