Monday, December 07, 2009

john stossel admits he will just make things up

John Stossel, the former ABC correspondent, talking about his new show at FOX Business Network in an interview on Daily Beast:

Stossel: ...50 years ago, Ayn Rand predicted today. It sort of sums up what I’m going to be reporting about.

Interviewer: Ayn Rand predicted what?

Stossel: Big government, nice-sounding legislation like “The Preservation of Livelihood Law,” which mandated that Hank Rearden’s production must not be bigger than any other steel mill, to make it a level playing field. It’s silly.

Interviewer: Is that a new law passed by this Congress?

Stossel: No, but it’s what Wesley Mouch, the evil bureaucrat in the book, passed. And what Tim Geithner and what Barney Frank might like to pass.

Frank or Geithner have never proposed such a thing nor suggested that they want to, but if some character in a novel or a comic book tried it, that's all the proof Stossel needs to say it might be true.

Hey did you know John Stossel might actually enjoy getting slapped around by pro wrestlers?:

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