Thursday, October 08, 2009

at least they weren't whirling

You know it's an exceedingly British movie when even the written out English doesn't make sense:

That's from "Four Feathers", an Alexander Korda epic of 1939.

It turns out the "Dervishes" are an Arab faction the British are fighting:

and the "Fuzzy-Wuzzies"?... they had big hair before big hair was cool:

If you wonder why old movies look the way they do, a lot of it is the lighting.

After the very expensive on-location debacle that was the 1925 version of "Ben Hur", studios tended to confine shooting to indoor sets whenever possible.

"Four Feathers" doesn't look like a lot of old movies because instead of trying to light indoor sets to pass for outdoors they actually went outdoors to shoot outdoor scenes.

These daylight shots look quite modern to my eye.

But when they get inside it's golden age studio look again.

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