Thursday, September 03, 2009

the stupidest man in America?

Here's my reading of the current political situation:

The right wing bet everything, including a trillion dollars of Iraq war debt the rest of us will have to pay, on George W. Bush and his follies.

Now that everyone knows Bush was a disastrous President (you don't even hear Republicans referencing him as a model these days), the right wing is trying to save face by making sure that everyone who follows fails even more disastrously than Bush, even if they have to create the disaster themselves, even if they have to burn the whole country down to do it.

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Either that is their clever plan or someone like Oklahoma Senator James Inhofe really is the stupidest man in America with his claim at a town hall meeting last night that President Obama is planning to release terrorists into the U.S.

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skarab said...

Figuring this out ain't rocket surgery! He really IS the stupidest man in America! Although these comments got by me, I spent three years in Tulsa and that's where my honey of a wife is from. We spend a lot of time rolling our eyes at comments by OK's congressional representatives.