Thursday, September 17, 2009

leavin on her jet plane

Peter, Paul and Mary are one THE memories I have of growing up in the 60's. When I was little we simply did not have rock music records in our house, but folk music was permitted and Peter, Paul and Mary got played quite a bit.

In retrospect, they were the one folk act that didn't seem to become a self-parody. And as a college friend of mine once noted, no one could swell like Peter, Paul and Mary. It seemed like ghosts singing. In a good way.

So I'm sad to hear that Mary Travers has died.

And Henry Gibson has died too. He was part of that signature TV show of the 60's, "Laugh-In". That was another big memory of the 60's. If you see clips today it seems insignificant, but every week something on that show would leave us gasping with laughter and asking "can you SAY that on television?"

And of course he was the Nazi in "The Blues Brothers".

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