Saturday, September 05, 2009

the smell of manliness

From the what-were-they-thinking division of Hollywood we get the Charlton Heston movie "The Far Horizons", an almost completely fictional account of the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

In which you will see:

Fred MacMurray... in satin knickers... descending a staircase... after a felicitous discussion... in a private room... arm in arm... with "John Hancock":

Sacajawea, the Indian guide, portrayed by... Donna Reed:

Charlton Heston kisses her quite a bit in this movie and I would too seeing as she appears to have the entire contents of a box of Betty Crocker Brownie Mix smeared on her face.

But Charlton is the focus of this movie, and I know that because he goes through...

... about a third of the movie...

... with a skunk on his head:

Imagine if this film had been a hit instead of "Davy Crockett" a year later.

BTW, that's William Demarest on the left...

... who would later be "Uncle Charlie" to Fred MacMurray in "My Three Sons"

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