Friday, September 18, 2009

guns don't kill people...

... crazy people with guns, who want an easy way to kill someone as they drive by, kill people.

Too big to fit on a bumper sticker, I'm afraid.

The gun lobby promotes gun possession as a defense of liberty. But I can't think of any case in American history where an oppressive government policy has been rolled back because ordinary citizens took up guns against it.

The Whiskey Rebellion of the 1790's did not succeed in getting the whiskey tax repealed. It got repealed some ten years later when the people elected new representatives in Congress who voted to repeal it.

Certainly the South's rebellion in the Civil War was the biggest example of taking up arms against Federal policy, but I recall that rather backfired for them.

Some might say the American Revolution was an example of people taking up arms, but that citizen effort floundered until it was organized into a real army under Washington and even then it required the intervention of the French to tip the balance.

(Washington and French General LaFayette)

The only examples I can think where people achieved an objective by taking up guns have been for totally nefarious purposes, such as the Klan suppressing the legal rights of minority citizens, or gangsters intimidating lawful authorities from curbing their illegal businesses.

People point to the Nazis' confiscation of private guns in Germany as proof of something or other but fail to note that the Nazis came to power while the guns were legal and consolidated their power while the guns were still legal and didn't get around to taking the guns until years later. The right to bear arms in Germany didn't do anything to stop tyranny.

Likewise, ordinary people could own guns in Saddam Hussein's Iraq. It's hard to detect that that improved their liberty situation.

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