Tuesday, August 18, 2009

signs of hysteria

I went to the Healthcare Reform demonstration on Monday morning in Dallas.

I'd say there were about 300 demonstrator FOR reform and about 50 demonstrators AGAINST having Nazis wheel all the old people and crippled children into a bonfire of the burning pages of the US Constitution.

Here are some highlights of the agin' 'em side:

Remember, it's not about race at all:

"Texas Rejects Chicago THUGS!" says the sign:

(EDIT: Suddenly I'm getting a zillion hits from people who have Googled the exact phrase "Texas Rejects Chicago Thugs". Can any of you Googleers comment on why that phrase spontaneously became fascinating? I'm sure it's not little old me ;-) )

The LaRouche organization had a table set up:
They were handing out a rather large pamphlet about the Nazi threat.

Several signs asserted that the FOR side was all paid to be there:

Does the guy with the "Reform Congress" sign look like a health care expert?

And I wonder if the veteran in the Marines T-shirt is refusing all government supplied healthcare available to him?

It would be really poor of me to point out the irony of obese people saying that their health care is just fine right now. So that's not why I'm posting pictures of obese people saying that their health care is just fine right now.

I wonder if this woman understands that Federal regulation of meds is what keeps a company from selling baking soda as a cancer treatment?

Some video. The AGAINST people are on the left side of the police line and the FOR people are on the right.

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