Wednesday, July 01, 2009

why lame movies happen

I don't follow baseball since it's mostly overweight guys in full-length pajamas standing around waiting for someone to hit a ball in 2 out of 10 attempts.

But I've enjoyed some baseball movies like "Bull Durham" and "The Natural".

Currently there is a kerfuffle in Hollywood over the canceling of a big-budget baseball movie just a few days before the start of filming. The Sony Studio head didn't like that the director had taken out the high-larious comedy scenes a writer had been manufactured for what was originally a true story.

She couldn't countenance a movie without this in it:

In [the original] script, one of the coaches watches [potential recruit] Hatteberg taking ground balls at a Little League field, his wife armed with a plastic laundry basket full of baseballs. She hits the balls to her husband off a tee, with their 4-year-old daughter backing him up down the line. One ball takes a bad hop and goes between Hatteberg's legs. When his daughter scoops it up, the coach quips: "Maybe we should sign her."

Apparently unaware that "Bad News Bears" has been made several times already. Or perhaps desperately wanting onto that bandwagon.

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