Thursday, June 25, 2009

farrah dead

You can't overstate how huge Farrah was in the 1970s. I can't explain it.

Certainly pretty girls have always been in ample supply in this country. Maybe it was a reaction to the flat-haired hippy look of the late 60s (which was a reaction to the bouffant look of the early 60s, which was a reaction to...). Maybe people were in the mood for something big and obvious again, I don't know. I remember trying to watch "Charlie's Angels" several times and not "getting it".

But EVERY girl in my high school HAD TO HAVE Farrah hair. There wasn't a pony tail, a bob, a flip or a page boy cut to be seen. It was as if a law had been passed. Somehow she represented a dream self-image that every girl wanted.

And many of them are still trapped in that look much as middle-aged women of the 60s adopted Jackie's pill box hats and continued to wear them even after she didn't.

I'm sure that when I'm 90 I will still see some of my female contemporaries with Farrah hair.

So good-bye Farrah. Farrah is gone but her hair lives on.

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