Wednesday, April 22, 2009

"a major hockney"

Sister Wendy explaining her admiration of a David Hockney painting of a naked gay guy getting out of a pool.

I was going to say "here's something that doesn't happen every day" but who knows... maybe nuns pretty much spend the whole day critiquing pictures of naked men.

Well, anyway, if you'd like to see a quick survey of the history of western art, check out the Sister Wendy DVDs, particularly "The Story of Painting". She takes you from cave paintings to Andy Warhol in 10 easy-to-digest episodes. They aren't all about naked men. Some are naked women.

But her interpretations are compelling because she shows how these paintings have captured not just the appearance of a person or place, but a turning point in their lives or a moment of decision. Quite a remarkable thing to do in one frame.

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