Thursday, April 30, 2009

it's the relish

A new study supports the view that red meat and processed meats lead to increased mortality rates. Among the recommendations is that you should eat no more than one hot dog every six weeks.

I've been eating one every day.

It was just an "observational" study, however, so it doesn't actually identify what it is about hot dogs that is killing you.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

"a major hockney"

Sister Wendy explaining her admiration of a David Hockney painting of a naked gay guy getting out of a pool.

I was going to say "here's something that doesn't happen every day" but who knows... maybe nuns pretty much spend the whole day critiquing pictures of naked men.

Well, anyway, if you'd like to see a quick survey of the history of western art, check out the Sister Wendy DVDs, particularly "The Story of Painting". She takes you from cave paintings to Andy Warhol in 10 easy-to-digest episodes. They aren't all about naked men. Some are naked women.

But her interpretations are compelling because she shows how these paintings have captured not just the appearance of a person or place, but a turning point in their lives or a moment of decision. Quite a remarkable thing to do in one frame.

Monday, April 13, 2009

New York Times exclusive: 60 is greater than 40

The new mostest dumbest sentence I've ever read in the New York Times. From an article on Disney's new initiative to rebuild its appeal to boys after years of catering to girls:
Disney Channel’s audience is 40 percent male, but girls drive most of the related merchandising sales.
That's like the time fillers I hear in the color commentary on basketball games. Things like "His numbers are lower because he didn't hit as many shots," or "Remember that the other team is trying to win also."

Saturday, April 11, 2009

the problem with "socialism"

The Republicans are trying to scare people that the country is headed for socialism. The problem for them is that after they've spent 30 years of dumbing down the education system to nothing more than readin', writin' and wrasslin', there's a big chunk of the voting age population that doesn't have a clue about what socialism really is.

Good? Bad? All they know is grumpy old men on TV are saying it's dangerous and that the grumpy old mens' recent track record on what's dangerous isn't real good.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

evidence of guitar playing

In a quiet and civilized oasis I pause to play a brief tune on the guitar.

I have told a number of people that I was teaching myself classical guitar, but this is the first evidence I have shown of it.

Before anyone complains that the guitar is out of tune I'll just note that this is a compromise between getting the open notes in tune and fretted notes in tune. You don't get both on this 1972 Sears guitar.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

harrison ford 2.0 (with mayo)

Harrison Ford goes thru an entire scene in "Working Girl" with mayonnaise on the corner of his mouth. It's not a "hair gel" gag, the character he's talking to never mentions it, it's just there.

I wrote previously about Harrison Ford v1.0. I bet he never had mayonnaise on his face.

I'm not sure how I got "Working Girl" in my Netflix queue. Maybe I was grabbing Harrison Ford movies.

If you need an example for "lack of on-screen chemistry" you can watch Harrison Ford and Melanie Griffith here. Imagine Han Solo going thru that malfunctioning transporter on "Star Trek" that split people into weak and aggressive clones and then the weak clone goes back to 1980's New York City to court a Cyndi Lauper type with her hair teased into something like an orangutan's.

Melanie Griffith didn't look good in skimpy lingerie either, but maybe that's just me.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

the first lady sings

Here in America a headline like that would most likely refer to some sort of courtroom proceeding. I'm not holding my breath waiting for Laura to give up George, however.

Actually, I don't think anyone in the White House has done any serious singing since Harry Truman's daughter made a brief run as an opera singer.

But in France they do things differently. French President Nicolas Sarkozy's current trophy wife (he got a new one right after getting elected) is a music pop-star in Europe.

She's not bad. She plays the guitar tracks herself too. But that album cover... can you imagine Barbara Bush lounging around with a guitar and no bra? A sousaphone maybe, but not a guitar.