Monday, March 30, 2009

african dodger?

Disney posts a reprint every day of three classic comic strips on their D23 site.

I particularly like the "Donald Duck" strip because it's usually a wordless sight-gag, unlike the accompanying "Mickey Mouse" and "Scamp" strips which are mostly talk.

I gotta wonder what the carnival game of "African Dodger" that Donald is about to play here in 1938 is all about:

Not wanting to be sued, I won't post the rest of the strip but it never shows who or what is in the cage. Donald throws that rock and then gets a hail of baseballs back at him.

Past strips aren't archived on that page, so you have to look today to see the rest of it. Or look tomorrow and see what new mayhem Donald has created.

Update: Commenter Stuart Rogers found a lead to what an "African Dodger" was in an old film of the same name. Here's the IMDB listing.

The two reviewers concur that the "African Dodger" was a pretty ghastly concept by modern standards.

That this strip was reprinted seems quite awkward (I mean, this is even worse that Donald being a Nazi in "Der Fuerher's Face") but I'll bet you a dollar that the 20-something Disney VP in charge of this website had no clue what an "African Dodger" was.


Stuart Rogers said...

This write-up of the film 'The African Dodger' explains:

- not a pleasant way to earn a living.

Robert said...

Holy $#i+!

Thanks for finding that. Ouch. I'm surprised they didn't alter the text on that for modern day. "Hit the Clown" would have worked.