Monday, February 23, 2009

something's following me

My car needs a new alternator and "serpentine belt" so I built this nifty cart for my bicycle to do the groceries with in the meantime. It took a few design revisions before I made a hitch that would stay hitched.

I'd been just carrying stuff in a back pack but things like a loaf of bread or eggs that don't travel well that way.

I looked into getting a baby trailer but those don't hold much and they run about $180 on ebay. This cost me only $20 for some metal rods and fasteners since I already had the scrap lumber around and some wheels from a non-functional lawnmower. I have many non-functional items around here.

It's not light. I'm sure it has increased my 0-60 time.


DanFinlay said...

I just use a rear rack on my bike that I've strapped a crate to. I guess it depends how many groceries you need to haul. I'd just be afraid to stop on a dime with this thing lumbering behind me!

-This is Danf, an appreciative student of yours from the A:M forums. I love your blog, both for its occasional political wit and insights, and the very interesting obscure cultural fascinations you share. You remind me of myself, and some of my closest friends. If you ever need a place to stay in the Bay Area of California, you have one with me.

Robert said...

Hey, thanks, Dan! I might just show up on your door someday.

No, the cargo carrier does not improve the handling of my bicycle, but as it turns out, there are very few dimes on the streets here in Dallas and even fewer that need to be stopped on.