Tuesday, January 20, 2009

observations on the inauguration

-NBC's Matt Lauer sagely observed the "45 years ago Barack Obama would have had trouble voting in this country". I'm sure that was true because 45 years ago Obama was... TWO YEARS OLD.

-I may be one of the rare people who likes the classic band music played during the ceremony. All my favorite marches get pulled out. Fittingly the band played Vaughn William's "Seventeen Come Sunday" when Bill Clinton was introduced...hmmm...

some words from "Seventeen Come Sunday":

How old are you? My fair pretty maid
How old are you my honey
She answered me right cheerfully
I'm seventeen come Sunday

-In a sign of the decline of the American auto industry, the new Presidential limo has 6 inch thick doors:

but a trunk about half the size of my old 1961 Cadillac:

(photo not of my car but mine was very similar to this)

-DO you think there was any worldwide cheering, crying for joy or dancing in the streets when either of these guys got elected?

-Why do people reciting poems work so hard to make it seem like they are not reciting a poem?

-I think Warren's and Lowrey's prayers were about the same length, but Warren's sure seemed longer. It was like the blessing before Thanksgiving dinner that lasts too long. Note also that by including The Lord's Prayer he was disregarding Jesus' direction that that was for private use, not for show.

-I predict four years of people claiming Barack Obama is not legally President because the oath of office got bobbled by the Chief Justice.

-I am now old. The President of the United States is younger than I am. But he's got gray hair and I don't. At least I've got that much to cling to.

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