Sunday, January 18, 2009

awkward landings

It does seem that Captain Sullenberger made the right choice to "ditch" his jet in the Hudson River.

But I have to wonder at the logic involved. It's reported that one reason he rejected the suggestion to land at nearby Teterboro Airport was that "he had never flown [there] before."

But he had landed in the Hudson before?

Does any one remember the title of an old movie drama about an airliner that has to crash land in the ocean? I remember seeing it several times on TV in the 60's. I can't find any reference on IMDB, however.

I had a strange landing flying home from Minnesota after Christmas. We were descending to DFW in what seemed like a normal approach. We were close enough to the ground to start seeing blades of grass when the plane starts climbing straight back up again. Then we have about 10 minutes of gut wrenching turns and several moments where it seems the bottom has dropped out and I'm weightless in my seat.

No one ever explained what had gone wrong. My guess is we were landing on the wrong runway.

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Stuart Rogers said...

I suspect Sullenberger didn't land at Teterboro because he didn't have the altitude to glide through all the turns necessary to land there - the runway orientation wasn't favourable given where the bird strike happened.

As for your own missed approach, it might well have been a sudden change in wind direction at the last minute. This happened to me a year or so back - the gut-wrenching turns got us pointing at the runway from the opposite end.