Saturday, December 06, 2008

hair quality alert

Is it not at all suspicious that the man with the most poorly executed combover I have seen this week wants to use 100,000 year-old DNA to recreate... a woolly mammoth ?


Rusty Williamson said...

Really nice blog site! This Colbert Report however, at least in this interview of Nicholas Wade, is all about… well, Colbert… and how many times he can interrupt his guests allowing them to say as little as possible. Wade’s only purpose is to provide a springboard for Colbert’s rude interruptions and mostly poor one-liners (all at Wade’s expense) which are thankfully followed by canned laughter to cue us on the proper response (why Wade looks so embarrassed is a mystery, he must have known going in… perhaps he doesn’t hear the canned laughter). Supposed interviews like this are a pet peeve of mine – the subject is irrelevant and why have a guest at all. To me it’s embarrassing watching them. Another is canned laughter (even if there’s a live audience you can tell canned laughter). I don’t watch TV and this perhaps explains why it is so alien to me. It is of course there so we know when to laugh as obviously we the audience can’t be trusted to decide for ourselves. I’m old fashion and, just for myself, still like to decide for myself. Actually, I’m very interested in efforts to bring back extinct species since I myself must admit to representing one. I dislike supposed interviews like this and canned laughter but no one else seems to mind. Clearly, I’m not in tune with the general public since Colbert is popular. Perhaps I should submit in a strand of my hair and the Woolly Rustys of the world can be restored… or, perhaps not.

Rusty Williamson

Robert said...

Well, I still think he's got an embarassingly bad combover.