Sunday, September 21, 2008

three times is enemy action

The 700 billion dollar bail-out of the investment bankers really means the end of the United States as a world power. No country can remain strong with the level of debt we have taken on and must repay to foreigners.

The only comparable example I can think of might be the reparation debt Germany was forced to pay after World War I. We know that didn't turn out well.

A blogger on dailyKos has posted a lucid history of the Republican hands behind the deregulation that created this disaster:

Three times is Enemy Action

update: that DailyKos article is getting traction; it's been put on the front of The Nation's website

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skarab said...

Hi Rob-
Thanks for this link. I'm not a big forwarder but I'm tempted to send around a link to the Daily Kos article with the proviso that though it's a long article on some esoteric subjects, it manages to be very readable.