Tuesday, September 02, 2008

no mule named Sal either

I just watched a WWII movie called "Guadalcanal Diary". I didn't see a single canal in it! The whole thing was about fighting the Japanese on a small island in the Pacific. I am doubtful that there would even be a need for a canal on Guadal Island.

I'm sure this was quite a striking movie in 1943. Today it seems to contain every war movie cliche imagineable, but it might well be the movie that originated them so you have to give it a pass.


skarab said...

Hey, I know you're being facetious but my mom told me a story when I was a kid that the actual name of the locale was Guadalcanar. But it was misspelled early on by a war reporter and the error stuck.

I don't know if this is true but it does have an element of truthiness to it.

Robert said...

well, I took a look at the always reliable wikipedia and it seems "Guadalcanal" is the name of a town in Spain that the island was named after when it was discovered. At some point it DID change to "Guadalcanar" but was reverted to "Guadalcanal" when the British took over in 1932.

For the record, I didn't see any canars in the movie either. Not that I would recognize one if I saw it.

skarab said...

They don't make them anymore! I would think Wikipedia would mention that.