Saturday, September 27, 2008

dueling jewelry

Without any major soundbites produced, it seemed like a draw to me.

It strikes me that neither party got the candidate they really wanted. The Democrats really wanted, but couldn't get, Al Gore. The Republicans wanted, but couldn't get, Ronald Reagan.

I think John McCain's low point was when he labeled himself a "maverick". That's a word other people have to put on you and they've pretty much stopped that except within quotation marks.

I bravely predict that the SNL sketch tonight will revolve around who has the most meaningful jewelry.

McCain mentions his victory bracelet, Obama counters with his never-again bracelet.

McCain shows a Georgia-in-NATO earstud, Obama matches that with a they-love-me-in Germany nipple ring...

...and by the end they're both down to their underwear.

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