Thursday, September 04, 2008

bad posture Barack

Obama does great in speechs, lousy in interviews. A lot of it is his body language. Look at this shot from his O'Reilly interview:

He's bent over, he's looking down, while O'Reilly is upright and looking directly at him. This happened often and the camera angle FOX has chosen accentuates this.

I wouldn't surprise me if FOX got to that room early and sawed an inch off his chair legs to make him sit more awkwardly.

The lighting is giving him Frankenbrow, too:

The Democrats should be sophisticated enough to send someone along on every interview who can flag these bad stagings before the tape is rolling, but they don't do that.

If Obama loses, I think much of it will be because of his un-commanding performance in interviews, even with non-hostile interviewers.

I don't see what the advantage of doing this interview was. FOX won't cover him any more favorably for it and FOX viewers aren't going to be switching sides to vote for Obama.

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skarab said...

HI Rob- Good comments and observations on the posture thing. I hadn't thought about it but you make excellent points.