Saturday, September 13, 2008

ads attack

Here in Texas you wouldn't know there is a presidential election going on. It's a "safe" Republican state (although we did elect a lesbian for Dallas Sheriff in 2006); little campaign advertising makes its way here. I have to go to the YouTube to see what everyone else is seeing.

Well finally... someone on the left has made some attack ads that aren't a complete embarrassment to the fine tradition of attack ads:

That one would have been more effective if they had been shooting panda bears but I guess wolves will have to do.

Rebuttal ads are only about half as effective as the attack ad they are trying to undo, but I think the fat guy drinking beer while he watches kids get off the school bus is a clever touch:

Unfortunately neither of these is from the Obama campaign; I don't think they know how to do a proper attack ad. How is he going to run a country when he can't even smear a political opponent with lies, innuendo and distortion? Did he not take that class when he was at Harvard?

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