Friday, August 29, 2008

killed her a bar when she was only three

John McCain announces his VP pick and finally puts to rest those rumors that he's just a skirt-chasing, horny old guy.

Apparently she's a former Miss Alaska contestant. She might have won if it weren't for a serious miscalculation in the swimsuit competition:

On the plus side she has a reputation in her state for fighting corruption.

John McCain had to go all the way to Alaska to find a Republican with a reputation for fighting corruption.

I applaud her for being photographed wearing glasses.

It's a look that is traditionally limited to female laboratory scientists just before they get nailed by James Bond.

I can't think of any major politician in the last 40 years that allowed themselves to be defined as wearing glasses. Those better be real and not just those prop glasses you get from the International Male catalog.

But she's obviously in the pocket of Big Fur.

And she has a serious crab problem:

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