Monday, July 28, 2008

Ich bin... splat

It occurs to me that if George W. Bush tried to give a speech like that in a public place in Europe the rotten tomatoe-proof glass shield would have to be about a foot thick.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Triumph of the... what did he say?

I marvel at the ability of Europeans to sit thru long speeches in languages they do not speak.

Yeah, I know... english is the new "lingua franca". Well, I've been to Europe. Their english ain't that hot.

They may claim to sprechen englisch at first, but this is quickly revealed to be wishful thinking after a few sentences. (Locating our current position on a map also seems to be a skill in the larval stage.)

So I have to wonder how much Obama's speech in Germany actually connected with anyone. Just once I'd like to see an American politician go over there and do the whole thing in their best full-tilt high school German with some mein liebes Volk and wir brauchen Lebensraum and auf die Zugspitze and lots of hysterical arm waving too. The way German was meant to be spoken.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Spanish-American War?

John McCain has been going around saying "I know how to win wars". Plural.

Which wars would those be?

Maybe he just means he's read about such things in a book and now he knows how it's done.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

ding dong donald

I recently bought a DVD on ebay and it arrived today in a brown paper wrapper.

From the return address above one might think it was something for the Clarence Thomas collection, but no, it was just Donald Duck cartoons. On the other hand, Donald Duck did spend his entire career in front of the camera with no pants on.

But I shouldn't make fun of the chinese names. Now that we owe them more than a trillion dollars, they can pretty much use any name they want.

Friday, July 11, 2008

cut them off at the pass

So, what do two straight guys talk about when they think no one else is listening? Men's balls!

I've suspected as much for a long time. It turns out they are objects of weird fantasy. Really creepy fantasy. Excuse me while I go vomit.

I know someone will say "that's just a euphemism." How much worse can the bad-phemism be?

Something that hasn't gotten much notice is how Jackson reveals here he doesn't regard Obama as truly black. You can't talk "down" to someone if you are of them and on the same level. In his mind, Jesse Jackson sees Obama as an outsider and not a fully qualified black person.

With two too many balls.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

three out of four wasn't good enough?

Our fake Missile Defense Shield can take out their fake missiles any day of the week. That alone ought to justify the $100 zillion cost.

I'm sure Adobe cringes at the pervasive use of the term "Photoshop" in these situations.

In all this coverage of the Iranian missiles I haven't seen any indication of whether they actually hit what they were aiming at. That would be key, I think.

When the US tests a missile you get a promotional video with rock music showing the rocket hitting withing a few inches of its target.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

exit, stage down

Jesse Helms should have died while he was in office. It would have made bigger headlines which is what he would have liked, and we would have gotten him out of the Senate sooner which is what I would have liked.

100 years from now when people examine why democratic institutions failed to run this country well, Jesse Helms will be a case study.

Hate-monger, racist, dope... all those apply, and in some states those are enough of a plus to get 51% of the vote and have a career in the senate making things worse, not better.