Monday, June 02, 2008

doof, doofuss, doofest

This is why I stopped watching local TV news. The premise of this clip from Washington DC is interesting: some doofuss security guard hassling people about an imaginary security "policy".

But look at the layers of padding it takes to get to that. First, there's the woman in the green dress (standing, I guess, to give an air of immediacy) who tells us what the story is going to be about.

Then, to raise the stakes, she pitches to the reporter in the "control room" set who tells us what it's going to be about again. (Live! This story is so hot he has extra information he didn't have time to put in the video!)

Then we finally get the actual video coverage of the outrage (padded with a profile of the victim to assure us that FOX isn't aiding terrorism).

It's more theater than news really. It's as if every story has to measure up to the Hindenburg disaster or the bombing of Pearl Harbor, and if it doesn't measure up... they'll still present it like it does.

But I do love the security guard. He's like the reporters, pretending to be more than he really is, but obviously lacking the years of broadcast news school that teach you how to pull that off.


Dhar said...

This is getting out of hand. Reminds me of Bagdad under the Baathists, it started out like that where simple police officers (before the time of security guards) would harass people with rules they concoct at their own whims. Later, Saddam made those whims enforcible laws!!!

God help us.

Fuchur said...

Dont know if you know it, but "doof"is the German word for "stupid" ;)


Robert said...

It's possible I may have heard that in german class in high school. I guess that must be where the word comes from!