Monday, April 07, 2008

The whitest Indian in America

Charleton Heston just died and I realize I've mostly only seen his well-known blockbusters like Ten Commandments, Ben-Hur (he looks marvelous) and Planet of the Apes. So I went to Netflix to check up on some others.

Here's a little-known outing...Far Horizons, as described by Netflix:

At the request of President Thomas Jefferson, in 1803, explorers Meriwether Lewis (Fred MacMurray) and William Clark (Charlton Heston) set out to explore the untamed, trackless Western lands recently purchased from France (in the Louisiana Purchase).

That sounds like good casting... I'm interested... then we have this info:

Donna Reed portrays Indian maiden Sacajawea, who helps the explorers.

Now, that is Hollywood being Hollywood as only Hollywood can.