Monday, March 10, 2008

a lesson to be learned

For all aspiring politicians:

If you're going to be linked with a prostitute make sure it's one of those trendy male prostitutes, so you can use your wife as a fitting backdrop during an "I am NOT GAY" press conference. Your plausible deniability is much more limited if you've been caught consorting with old-fashioned female hookers. It's very 20th century.

According to the transcripts Gov. Spitzer "would ask you to do things that, like, you might not think were safe."

I guess that means he wanted to use a chandelier that wasn't over the bed?

All that said, however, I hope there is more to all this than what we see. I'd think the FBI must have better things to spend its time on than a simple prostitution ring when the director admits he's had to cut back on regular law-and-order policework due to the priority of the war on terror.