Thursday, March 06, 2008

David Caruso is... the new Jack Lord

In most media the red-haired characters are typecast as unconfident, ineffective, not-too-with-it sorts. Think Ritchie Cunningham on Happy Days needing Fonzie to explain things to him. There are no red-haired leading men, no red-haired action figures, no red-haired male models, no red-haired superheroes... I don't think there are even any red-haired porn stars.

So imagine the pride of red-headed people everywhere at this development:

David Caruso is (meaningful pause, don sunglasses) the new Jack Lord.

For those who don't recall:

Hawaii Five-O was a one-hour detective drama that had about 15 minutes of script padded out with long scenes of cars coming up driveways, pans across island scenery and beauty shots of Jack Lord's hair as he stalked about the crime scenes.