Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Blight of the Union

Has any US President so consistently rushed when he should have waited, waited when he should have acted, squandered when he should have saved, hoarded when he should have spent, lied when he should have told the truth, told the truth when it was too late, and overall, zigged when he should have zagged?

It's true there hasn't been another terrorist attack in the US since 9/11 but it's impossible now to believe that is because of the competence and leadership of our President.

While it's tempting to think an Al Gore presidency would have been better, the Republicans would have been working from day zero to derail him.

When Al Gore didn't invade Iraq (or North Korea, or Iran), they would have shouted "coward" and "traitor". They would have kept beating the WMD drums and it would have worked because running in fear is America's favorite exercise. Possibly, Al Gore would have been impeached over something like that iffy Bhuddist monastary campaign contribution in the 90's. Remember, they impeached Clinton over such a trifle. At the very least Gore would have been damaged enough to lose re-election in 2004.

Only through the lens of the utter failure of George Bush has the country begun to see the foolishness of this act-first-think-later policy. Two-thirds of the country, anyway.

The clarity won't last long. There will always be new things to scare people with, and there will always be people who say they have super secret information that makes it all true.

And realistically, George Bush has left this country so damaged that I doubt any amount of good government can set it right again.