Thursday, November 29, 2007

Five funny things about The Jazz Singer

1. The Jazz Singer is mostly a conventional silent film with about a half dozen short song sequences mixed in. When the first one comes up, the film historian on the DVD commentary track notes that "this is the one that people remember, this is the one that ended silents!"

Then he says that again when the next one comes up.

And again for the next one.

And again. And again...

2. The Princess Leia spiral-do on Eugenie Besserer, who plays Jolson's jewish mother.

3. I just can't resist singing this song around the house now. Especially when descending staircases. I'd walk a million miles for one of your smiles...

Fun Fact: "My Mammy" was introduced in 1918 in vaudeville by William Frawley. Yes, that William Frawley, neighbor "Fred Mertz" from I Love Lucy.

4. One of the extras on the DVD is I Love to Singa with "Owl Jolson. The DVD looks WAY better than this Youtube clip.

5. Al Jolson actually looks better in blackface than not.

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