Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Hu's on first

There's an Abbott and Costello routine here somewhere...

Condoleeza: These foreign leaders have some strange names. For example, Hu is the president of China.

George: Who is?

Condoleeza: That's right!

Ok, this guy is 64 years old and doesn't have a gray hair on his head? None of those communist party guys seem to ever go gray.

I wonder, do they all dye their hair secretly and and deny it to each other or is it some sort of despot bonding activity?

"Hey, Zhang, I'd love to talk some more about oppressing Tibet but I need to go touch up my roots, wanna come with?"

I've dyed my hair black before, it is not a simple procedure. Next time you see one of these Chinese leaders, consider that they're spending at least an hour in the bathroom each week with a plastic cap on their head and black goo dribbling down their ears.

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