Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Frankenstein Goes to College

When this title card came up I was sure this was just going to be a silly internet gag.

But no, this is the long-thought-lost 1910 Thomas Edison Studio production of "Frankenstein"!

Watch it on the internets: Thomas Edison's "Frankenstein"

I find most silent movies before about 1920 to be pretty hard to watch but once you get past the primitive nature of the film in general (no close-ups!), you'll see some very cool cinema happening. The scene where Frankenstein "cooks up" the monster is surprisingly creepy and the metaphor of the mirror shot at the end is quite clever.

Hmmm... do you suppose the actor playing the sinister inventor:

...took any inspiration from his boss?:

I'm sure that internet video has done nothing to improve the image quality but I bet that when originally projected in 35mm on a big screen this was a striking movie.

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