Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Comrades in Arms...

... and lips and tongues and throats and tonsils and...

(Soviet postage stamp from the 60's)

Runner-up snarky comments:

-Cold War not all that cold.
-Ivan, is that a Kalishnikov under your trenchcoat or are you just happy about the new Five-Year Plan...?
-Summer of Love, Soviet Style
-You can't tell the comrades from the comradettes without a program.
-That stamp is just for a regular letter. Wait til you see the stamp for "Oversize Package"!
-Pioneering attempt at eastern european gay porn, marred by failure to remove clothes.
-Blame it on Tchaikovsky!
-Perfectly normal, just checking for secret documents.

And somehow this ad seems an appropriate complement:

Back in the day, I remember TV interviewer Charlie Rose playing that for a Soviet official who, unsurprisingly, was not amused.

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