Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Blame it on the merengue...

He should have just said he was listening to Sergio Vargas mashups on his ipod and that's what all the toe-tapping was about.

Of course, his real shame is having voted for the Iraq war and ruining the lives of milions of people along the way, but I doubt that will register with anyone.

I am surprised you can get arrested for just toe-tapping and hand gestures. Call me old fashioned but that just doesn't sound like a complete sex experience. Can I ask the police to look into the airport security guys who always want to grope me?

What was the Idaho senator doing in Minneapolis anyway? A connecting flight maybe. In the mad rush to run him out of office, I was waiting for someone to blame him for the big Minnesota bridge collapse. But as we learned from 9/11, Republicans aren't good at connecting the dots.

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