Friday, August 03, 2007

another bridge to nowhere

I notice that after every man-made disaster in this country there's a rush by officials to insist terrorism wasn't involved. They have no idea what caused the bridge to collapse, but they are already sure it wasn't terrorists.

Just brainstorming here... if a skilled engineer was willing to drive a car bomb into a Scottish airport, couldn't a skilled engineer figure out what few elements he would have to weaken to bring a bridge down? Unlikely, I know. I expect we'll find out it's our fault for not building the bridge decently in the first place.

Growing up in Minnesota, I'm sure I traveled over that bridge many times, but I can't place it specifically. There are lots of bridges between the Twin Cities.

"They" are estimating that bridge will cost $250 million to replace. About the cost of two days in Iraq.

So I guess that means the cost of the war is just about right since a tragedy like this is an every-other-day occurance in Iraq now, thanks to us and our President, who promised us it was necessary.

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