Thursday, July 19, 2007

Valentino's Bad Side

If you want to understand why men of previous times may not have taken women very seriously, all you have to do is watch Rudolph Valentino in "The Sheik" with the knowledge that women were swooning over him because of it. It's just awful. He's basically a grinning idiot through the entire movie.

Almost any other Valentino movie is better. I just watched "Cobra" from 1925. He does quite well. From certain angles he resembles Ben Affleck:

Here's clever bit of screen magic. He says good-bye to the only woman he will ever love:

And as he turns away, the glint of a tear is revealed in his eye:

But there was no special magic that could hide this... Rudolph Valentino had a big butt:

Usually when you see a man with a butt that big he's got a giant red wig on and oversized red shoes and he's trying to sell you a Big Mac.

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