Saturday, July 07, 2007

Dog Attack

I was walking my dog down the street and come upon another guy walking his dog. But his dog isn't on a leash and it immediately runs over, bites my dog by the neck and starts shaking him. When I pull my dog away, his dog bites me too.

The guy wouldn't tell me his name or anything he just took his dog and disappeared real quick.

Now, you're probably thinking that isn't a very serious bite, but I'm thinking how serious does if have to be to transmit rabies? You're probably thinking that any responsible dog owner would have gotten his dog his rabies shots, but I'm thinking what responsible dog owner walks his dog out on the streets without a leash?

I'd also think that an unleashed dog running around biting people would be a public health concern, but no, it's not. I called 911 and they had zero interest and referred me to Animal Control. Animal Control said their time frame for acting on a complaint was 10 days. 10 days is too late to decide if someone bitten needs to be vaccinated.

When I was growing up in Minnesota I remember there would be an urgent appeal on TV and radio every now and then to find a dog that had bitten a child(!). And if the dog wasn't found the child(!) would have to undergo "a painful series of rabies shots." "Rabies shots" was always preceded by "a painful series of" in every account. It seems to be a standard journalistic device. But no one alerts the media anymore.

So why not get a rabies shot, just in case? It turns out that rabies shots for humans cost about $1200. It might as well be $100,000 at that price. I decided it wasn't worth it to stick around in this crappy world where dogs bite you and no one really cares that they do.

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