Monday, May 14, 2007

Victor Borge reincarnated.

Victor Borge was sort of the Leslie Nielson of classical pianism. He played well, but incorporating it into a comedy act was what made him big. "Big" to the musical cognescenti anyway... if you don't know the pieces he's playing you won't get the jokes. He would exploit known issues with the music rather than merely insert odd noises or play intentionally wrong notes.

But he's gone now, so it was neat to find this bit on Youtube that is so like something that Victor Borge would have done it's hard to believe he didn't think of it first:

There is a bit of a scuff-up on Youtube as to whether they stole this idea from someone else. But after seeing a clip of the other guy, I'd say this treatment of the idea is funnier.

Here's the real Victor Borge doing something not part of his act:

And he was 80!


Chris Dailey said...

Wow. Just ... wow.

barb said...

His talent was truly amazing, and he sure knew how to accept a challenge. Thanks for sharing.