Monday, April 16, 2007

My American Idol Prediction

I predict there will be an increase in interest in adopting babies from India. White babies will still get the highest price, but a favorable media impression will get people open to other possibilities. It's like what "101" did for dalmations.

That would be a big realignment for most Americans. Consider that John McCain's 2000 presidential campaign was derailed by a push-poll stating that he had a "mixed race" baby.

Is he really talentless? The way most of us sing is to follow someone else and match their pitch after we hear it. Which means we're always behind. We pretend we aren't, but we are. And most of us won't even open our mouths to sing without the safety in numbers that a church congregation or a ballpark crowd will give us. Most of us have no idea how awful we are at singing.

John Phillip Sousa predicted that recorded music ("canned music" was a phrase he coined) would destroy casual music-making and he was right. There was a time when most people enjoyed singing and did it reasonably well. The traditions of negro sprituals, sea shanties and blue collar work songs grew out of the fact that singing was a very common thing to do.

Mostly gone now. Now we have to have a televised contest to find someone who can sing.

So for this kid to stand alone on stage with the band more than 20 feet away and with no instrument doubling his melody and still be able to pull the right (usually) pitches out of mid-air and on-time... that's significant in itself. Are the other contestants better? Don't know. Haven't heard any of them.

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