Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Done caught me a 'coon

Aside from the zombies, there is a bit of an animal problem here in the big city.
I finally caught the raccoon that's been living in my house for the last year. I could hear him skittering around in the space between the ceiling joists. Sometimes I'd even see him peering at me from the hole in the kitchen ceiling. (Yes, I have a hole in my kitchen ceiling. Why do people act like that's something unusual?)

At night he'd sneak in the pet door in the back of the house and eat the dog food. He was a clever one; he'd managed to get the food from that trap several times without springing it. But I'm sure he'll be living large in the park with lots of nuts and berries and trash cans to keep him occupied.

Tip: Put a towel under your raccoon cage while you're transporting a raccoon. They pee at random intervals.

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