Wednesday, February 07, 2007

He's Cured!

Ted Haggard is now "completely heterosexual" according to his counselors. I feel safer now.
I have to admit that when this story first broke last year, I was sure it was hoax. Some sort of left-wing smear, perhaps. The details just didn't ring true. I mean... who hires a 40-something male hooker?
I dare you to go to any internet dating site and look at the self-pics of 45 year old men. It's neither pretty nor exciting. Unless you like beached whales.
But he admitted it was all true. Hard to picture it. I have visions of the sketch Dan Akroyd did on SNL in the 70's: "Fred Garvin: Male Prostitute"... a middle aged male hooker with arthritis and nagging back trouble.
NPR interview with Dan Akroyd that mentions his Fred Garvin character.

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