Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Redneck Delight (Steam Age)

When I was growing up we had a coffee table book by Lucius Beebe titled "Highball" filled with glorious pictures of steam locomotives. I loved the complicated mechanical nature of them, I loved the dramatic clouds of smoke they put out and most of all I loved the notion of the "cow catcher" on the front. I was always disappointed that the "real" trains I saw going down the tracks in our town looked nothing like the picture book trains.

"Danger Lights" is an old movie that revolves around steam locomotives. It's not great but it has this very peculiar sequence that I can only imagine is the Steam Age equivalent of a monster truck rally. I find the smoke shooting out of these things very impressive, almost alarming.

Item I found while looking up Lucius Beebe:
When a friend complained that if Thomas E. Dewey was elected it would set the country back 50 years, Beebe retorted "And what was wrong with 1898?"

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