Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Thanking the Outcumbent

Today begins the 2008 Presidential race. Whoever wins has a serious problem on their hands.

That's because since Jimmy Carter's inauguration at least, it's been traditional for the incoming President to make some gesture of thanking the outgoing President for his service. But what will anyone find to thank George W. Bush for? Every act and policy of his has been a thorough disaster. There is absolutely nothing to warmly look back on.

Here's how he could handle it:

44th President: Before I address the many challenges we face, I want to take a moment to thank George W. Bush for his, uh ... uh... hey, did you get that fish tie at Wal-mart? Ha ha ha! My nephew gave me one for Christmas. Those are great!

Let's see, where was I... Oh yes.. My fellow Americans, we face many challenges ahead...

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