Monday, October 23, 2006

My Dad Turns 90

My father turns 90 today. See footage from his birthday celebration including attempted cake candle blowing outing:

A rare photo of my dad in his army uniform. Rare because although he was drafted in 1940, the U.S. had not entered the war yet and he was discharged in 1941 at the request of Dupont, to work on military-related projects.

Here's his first patent, a leak-sealing composition. I'm not sure how many patents he's responsible for. A quick patent search comes up with 18; my nephew says he found 35 on another database.

Here's one that looks like it could be from the set of a Frankenstein movie: Synthesis of Acrylates from Alpha-Chloropropionates

My dad grew up in Iowa, where his father was a Lutheran minister. Here he is (on the right) ca. 1924 with one of his Iowa friends:

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Anonymous said...

Your dad rocks!

Happy animating

Dennis The Frogman