Thursday, September 14, 2006

So long Ann Richards

I'm disappointed to hear that Ann Richards, Texas' second female Governor (after "Ma" Ferguson), has died. She was always witty, even without writers to back her up.

Trying to test her commitment to Texas' death penalty, someone asked her what she'd do if the legislature passed a bill outlawing it. "I'd faint", she replied.

Richards was elected Governor in 1990 but defeated for re-election by George W. Bush in 1994. A recurring feature of all George W. Bush campaigns is the floating of an unsubstantiated charge aimed at disgracing his opponent.
-In 2004 it was that John Kerry had faked his injuries in Vietnam.
-In 2000 it was that John McCain was gay, a traitor and/or had a mixed race baby.
-In 1994 it was that Ann Richards was a cocaine-addicted lesbian.

Some of our founding fathers worried that the common people might be deceived by lies and trickery in election campaigns. I guess they'd have a big "told ya so" for us now.

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Zach Brewster-Geisz said...

Ya know, I know very little about Texas politics. But I'll say this: damn, those podiums are cool!