Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Design horror

At the following link you can down load a pdf of a book that is "A guide for young designers: what to expect in those first months in your first job."


Brace yourself. Don your protective goggles.

The color scheme, the fonts, the layout, the illustrations, even the spacing between lines... they're all incomprehensibly awful choices. It's as if every page was designed to dissuade anyone from reading it.

This is by a designer? His pet sea monkey maybe?

I wonder how many awards it has already won.


Schumsky said...

Interesting. Why is it those of us who have been doing design work for decades, following the rules (to a point, and yes, sometimes pushing them to their extremes), but in the process of making or keeping happy clients (who pay), end up being "just another designer". Yet the hoity-toity a-holes who couldn't design their way out of a box, then turn out this kind of garbage, are considered "cutting-edge","revolutionary", and so on? Reminds me of when certain well-know filmmakers/directors would produce a TV show with horrible handheld photography- I like to call PukeVision (that normally would get a big fat F in film school), but is cool and cutting-edge because so and so is the brains behind it.

Robert said...

Maybe that guy did get an "F" in design school and so he's writing about design jobs instead of actually working at one.