Friday, August 18, 2006

Snacks on a plane

Tip for travelers: When you get your in-flight yogurt, check to see if the foil lid is bulging up or down. Maybe it's the cabin pressure, maybe it sat on "the tarmac" in the sun all day, but if it's bulging up, yogurt is going to come spraying out when you peel the top back.

Don't peel the edge facing you; peel the edge facing the passenger next to you.

"Tarmac" is an odd word. I don't think I ever heard anyone speak it until some TV reporter used it in decribing where a body landed after being pushed out of a plane by a hijacker. Now I can just about count on overhearing "the tarmac" every time I go to the airport.

But it seems to be a misnomer. Tarmac is not a location at an airport. Tarmac is an early method of paving with tar and gravel, and very few airports employ any tarmac in their construction.

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