Friday, August 11, 2006

Forever Forty-Seven

If my boyfriend Monte were still here I'm sure we'd still be having fun but I'm sure he'd be horrified at turning 54 today.

I'd probably just put 49 candles on his car cake.

Monte and I spent alot of time working on cars. One day we were working on his 1962 Cadillac. Without warning... POOF!... the whole top surface of the engine looks like a barbecue grill after you toss a match onto the lighter fluid.

Monte ran to the garage, then ran back carrying an aerosol can with no markings on it at all (of which he had many). He starts spraying it all over the engine and the fire goes out.

"I'm glad I picked the right can," he gasped, "I wasn't sure this was the fire extinguisher."

So the cadillac coupe lived to drive another day...

...until it caught fire again, just in time for the insurance money to finance the downpayment on a house.

There was another unlabeled can in Monte's garage that seemed like magic. It was something his father (a former FAA pilot) had acquired from he-wouldn't-say-where. If you've never struggled with rusted bolts in painfully inconvenient spots on 40 year-old cars this will be meaningless to you, but you could spray this stuff on anything, and no matter how solidly rusted in place it might be, it would come loose.

Banned for brain cancer-causing fumes? Salvaged from a wrecked alien starship? I don't know, but we never found anything else like it and we were heart-broken when it ran out.

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