Saturday, August 19, 2006

Apologies to America

The MSNBC segment below is a typically superficial look at our President.

But there was one interesting note: the notion that George W. Bush had appeared much more able as Governor of Texas.

Is that why he came so close to winning the 2000 election? Because people believed he had successful executive experience behind him?

Note to fellow Americans: do not vote for someone because they were "good" at being Governor of Texas. Here in Texas the Governorship is practically an honorary position. Unlike most states where the governor appoints the people in the executive branch below him, in Texas those positions are filled by direct election. They owe nothing to the Governor and spend most of their time serving their own interests. If the Gov has plans, they need neither listen nor obey.

A Governor of Texas may or may not be a fine and effective person but it doesn't really matter either way. The Governor of Puerto Rico exercises more power.

The real authority in Texas is the Lieutenant Governor (elected separately from the Governor) who actively presides over the state senate and controls all committee appointments. No bill can even get considered in the Texas senate without the Lt. Gov's backing.

George W. Bush was never Lt. Governor here. His previous leadership experience was being the son of George H.W. Bush and and being a minority owner of the Texas Rangers baseball team.

I apologize to the nation for not making this clear earlier.

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